5 reasons to choose MacBook Air M1!
Nov 2020

Kirsten Thomas

5 reasons to choose MacBook Air M1!

Apple has launched the latest generation of computer products, namely Mac mini, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Which of the 3 products is most worth buying? Now I have the author to analyze each reason for you, right?

1: Effectiveness 3 is similar

Apple new m1 chip

Apple MacBook Air has always been the lowest performance of the three products, but after replacing it with the latest M1 chip, the performance gap of the three products has been significantly reduced. The main disadvantage of MacBook Air is the lack of cooling fans. Looking at the performance increase and the heat generation of Apple processors in the past, there will be basically no obvious impact, unless you want to use it under 100% load for a long time, in which case you should buy Pro.

2: The display gap is reduced

macbook air

The biggest gap between MacBook Air and MacBook Pro in the past is the display. Only the Pro version has a P3 color gamut display panel, but this time MacBook Air also uses a P3 display panel, but the brightness is 20% lower than the Pro version, but I believe it is enough The user uses it daily.

3: RAM is no different

Since this time the RAM is designed in the M1 chip, the RAM will be unified. In the past, the RAM of the MacBook Air was always one level lower than that of the MacBooo Pro, or an older generation, but now there is no big difference.

4: MacBook Air is lighter and the charger is thinner


The charger for MacBook Pro is 61W, which is significantly larger and heavier than the 30W charger for MacBook Air. Therefore, if you buy a MacBook Air, in addition to the charger can be smaller and increase mobility, the more important thing is A charger that supports the PD charging standard, or a mobile charger, is sufficient to meet emergency charging needs. (General mobile rechargeable battery power supply is 18-25W, which is barely enough for MacBook Air, but it is too difficult for MacBook Pro.)

5: Long time text input experience is good

macbook air m1 b

Due to the inclined design of MacBook Air, in terms of text input, the feeling of placing your hands on the fuselage is more comfortable than the square design of MacBook Pro. There is also the lack of Touch Bar, which reduces the problem of false touches, and text input workers will be more comfortable. For fit.

More cost-effective can put more practical options

Apple m1 chip cpu power chart

Although MacBook Air lacks fan cooling, its performance is lower than that of MacBook Pro and Mac mini. The biggest difference is that the performance under high load for a long time will be slower. The other is the SSD speed and display brightness. But please pay attention to the price reduction. The range is enough for you to upgrade 16 GB RAM or 512GB SSD with strong options. It is still lower than the price of Pro, so it is definitely the most cost-effective product among the three products.