5 improvements in iOS 14 FaceTime
Jul 2020

Kirsten Thomas

5 improvements in iOS 14 FaceTime

FaceTime has become the preferred video call method for many iOS users. In the iOS 13 era, Group FaceTime group video chat was added, and more new features were introduced in iOS 14.

1. Picture in Picture

Using FaceTime's picture-in-picture function, users can play games, watch Facebook, and browse the web while still viewing the call screen.


2. The image quality is improved to 1080p

FaceTime brings better video quality, providing up to 1080p resolution on supported devices.

3. Eye contact

This feature can help you "correct your eyes", even if you look at the screen instead of looking at the camera, FaceTime can also help you establish eye contact, making video calls more natural.

4. Simplified interface for incoming calls

When FaceTime calls, it used to display the incoming call in full screen mode. Now iOS 14 displays a new streamlined design, which does not occupy the entire screen.

facetime incoming

5. Sign language highlight

FaceTime can detect the person who is using sign language in the group FaceTime call and highlight the participant.