4 unknown key points of iPhone 12's attention
Oct 2020

Kirsten Thomas

4 unknown key points of iPhone 12's attention

The iPhone 12 will be launched in mid-October if there are no surprises. Although it has been rumored for a long time, there are more variables that have attracted people's attention this time than the previous iPhone. Here we will explain it for you.

120Hz screen

It has always been expected that the iPhone 12 Pro will have a 120Hz ProMotion screen this year. Until last month, suddenly there was news that Apple was withdrawn due to some control components failure, but there was also news that Apple had given up ProMotion due to power consumption issues, but will it eventually be taken away?

5G mmWave is only limited to the United States, Japan and South Korea?

News has always pointed out that the iPhone 12 supports 5G across the board. However, there are two types of 5G, the fastest is mmWave 5G, and the speed between mmWave and 4G is called sub-6GHz. However, there is news that the mmWave version is temporarily only supported by the three countries of the United States, South Korea and Japan. This means that iPhones in other regions cannot use the fastest mmWave 5G.

The mysterious positioning of iPhone 12 mini?

There will be 4 iPhone 12 models this year, except for the 5.4-inch version. It is rumored that it will be called the iPhone 12 mini, but in addition to the smaller screen, the specifications are also more basic. It is estimated that it will not use A14, single lens, less battery, and the capacity will start from 64GB. However, since there has not been much news about this 5.4-inch screen iPhone, it is often not known until it is announced.

Pricing is hard to guess

I believe that the cost of iPhone after 5G will be much higher, but will the price increase? Given the global economic problems, can Apple's pricing be so aggressive? However, as this year's iPhone has as many as 4 models and different capacities, it is believed that pricing will become chaotic.