3 former Apple employee chip company NUVIA competes with Intel and AMD
Nov 2019

Kirsten Thomas

3 former Apple employee chip company NUVIA competes with Intel and AMD

According to Reuters, three former Apple employees teamed up with NUVIA in early 2019 to develop a processor codenamed Phoenix. This week, it raised $53 million from Dell Technologies Capital and a number of Silicon Valley companies, with the goal of expanding the company from 60 to 100 by the end of the year.

NUVIA's co-founders include Gerard Williams II, John Bruno and Manu Gulati, three former Apple employees who worked on chip development in the Apple Platform Architecture division.

Former Apple Chip Executives New Business

Among them, Gerard Williams II led the Apple development of the A7 to A12X processor chief architect, leaving in early 2019. Williams spent 9 years at Apple, from the first 64-Bit A7 processor to the A12X processor, which was also developed by his development team. He worked at ARM for 12 years before working at Apple.

Manu Gulati is Apple's chief architect before Williams, and he was hired by Google in 2017. John Bruno also worked at Google for five years after working in the Apple Platform Architecture department.

NUVIA plans to produce wafers for large data centers in a way that makes wafers faster, more energy efficient, and safer than AMD and Intel.

Patrick Moorhead of market analysis firm Moor Insights & Strategies believes that NUVIA is a competitive company. He has been in the semiconductor industry for 30 years and believes that successful companies must have outstanding architects and developers.