13th Anniversary of First iPhone Released Steve Jobs Rewrites Smartphone Definition
Jan 2020

Kirsten Thomas

13th Anniversary of First iPhone Released Steve Jobs Rewrites Smartphone Definition

January 9, 2007 is an important day for Apple, rewriting the important day in the history of Apple and human communications. Today, Steve Jobs officially released the iPhone to the world. The original iPhone was launched in the United States on June 29, 2007. Before the sale, a large amount of fruit powder lined up outside the US Apple Store and lined up all night, making Apple a legend.

Revealed: Steve Jobs secretly swapped out the demo machine in front of the eyes

In 2007, Apple officially launched the original iPhone, and Steve Jobs made the conference a classic. However, what you may not know is that when the original iPhone was on the stage of the conference, the iPhone still had a lot of problems to be solved . In other words, the iPhone may hang down at any time during the conference. Every staff member in the back office was nervous because they knew the problem at the time.

In addition, although in the eyes of the audience, Steve Jobs used the same iPhone to demonstrate from beginning to end. But there are actually several iPhones on the podium where he stands. During the presentation, he had to secretly replace these devices to avoid errors during the presentation.

Steve Jobs First iPhone 1

At the end of the conference, Steve Jobs intends to actually use the iPhone to make a phone call. Before the iPhone is ready, the device is likely to crash or restart on the stage. Even the staff said Not sure if it will succeed ...

Fortunately, he successfully made a phone call, and joked to Starbucks employees that he wanted to take 4,000 coffee lattes, which also brought the conference to a successful conclusion, and made iPhone sales a huge success.

Steve Jobs First iPhone 2

In order to prevent the iPhone from making mistakes at the press conference, they found a "golden path". By following specific steps, you can prevent the iPhone from crashing, but it also means that as long as Steve Jobs presses the wrong button, he will Become a big joke at the conference.